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From 1st of November through 31 of December 2010 Russkiy Mir Gallery presents Lanskoy, Golitsyn, Lejeune, Sichov and Mané-Katz.
4.Illarion Golitsyn.Violonistes

7 rue de Miromesnil
75008 Paris
Tél. +33 1 44 71 07 41

Jean Nouvel et le rouge

août 31

nouvel serpentine galleryJean Nouvel vient de signer, au coeur de Hyde Park, le 10e pavillon d’été de la Serpentine Gallery, le rendez-vous d’art contemporain qui se tient chaque année à Londres. Gigantesque structure vermillon, l’assemblage géométrique de verre et de métal s’inspire tout à la fois des boîtes aux lettres, autobus et cabines téléphoniques britanniques.

L’objectif de la première création outre-Manche du prix Pritzker 2008 ?»  Faire péter le rouge dans le vert ! » 
Equipé d’auvents rétractables permettant à la toiture de s’effacer, l’édifice filtre les rayons du soleil à travers un pan oblique en polycarbonate qui culmine à 12 mètres de hauteur.

Time Square by TENSHI7

juil 22

A few masterminds committed to Minimalism, called it the timepiece of the 21st century…

The designer himself, -and we must agree with him-, first feels it as a fine industrial piece of art, then a lighting installation, -a wall light, and then comes the function of a timepiece.

It will be officially presented in London during 100% Design London exhibition on 23-26 September 2010. -Earls Court, stand D32-

Rumour has it that there’s now a waiting list, but TENSHI7 team assured us within 8 weeks Time Square could travel anywhere in the world. For those of course who can see beyond the 10,000€  price tag!

Truth is stunning pieces do come with a certain price. Because they belong to eternity.  Especially when a State of light, states your time

Description. (extract from TENSHI7’s website)

Time Square consists of 12 cylindrical aluminum lighting components; 4 placed in the middle forming a cross, and 8 attached together with metal joints placed perimetrically forming a square frame, approximately 1,40m x 1,40m. LED lighting (12W) is integrated in each cylinder while a dimmer system ensures a wide brightness variation. The illuminated cylinders display “digitally” the 12 hours twice per day while the lower left horizontal cylinder displays the minutes; 12 circular LED spots light-up based upon a 5-minute frequency and fade-away progressively.
All available commands, -turn on/off, dimming and time setting-, are solely issued by Time Square’s remote control.


Watch video: \» Time Square\»  video

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Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.

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Jean Nouvel Sofa meubles

juil 07

French architect Jean Nouvel was last year canonized with the profession’s highest honor, the Pritzker Prize. Usually, he sticks to buildings, instead of flirting with furniture as most starchitects do. But when he does, he does it right.
The so-called SKiN sofa (arbitrary caps mandatory, per the Union of Serious Architects Wearing Black) comprises a steel frame with a leather cover attached and draped over it. But instead of looking like an expensive butterfly chair, the couch looks like a leather poncho morphed into furniture by a magical trust fund.

Helicos au Financial Tower,Arep,Ho Chi Minh City

juil 01


Due to the rapid population growth of Ho Chi Minh City and the economic development of Vietnam, the need for office space has exceeded supply in Vietnam’s largest city. The Financial Tower development, currently under construction, will help ease the demand for office space in this  Southeast Asian metropolis.
Binh Minh Import-Export Co (Bitexco), a wholly owned Vietnamese company, is the primary investor in this mixed-use development. Designed by the architect Carlos Zapata Studio, the development consists of a high-rise office building, a five-story retail podium, and four levels of below-grade construction,devoted to parking. The shape of the tower is modeled after a lotus flower bud, the national flower. Standing at 68 stories upon completion, the office tower is destined to become a landmark in the Ho Chi Minh City skyline.
The office tower is essentially an all-concrete structure. Initially, a mixed system comprised of structural steel floor framing, composite perimeter columns and concrete core walls was developed. However, cost comparison demonstrated that the all-concrete structure had a clear cost advantage over the mixed system.

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